Arizona Utility Incentives

Consider these Arizona economic incentives to reduce your energy bills:

Utility rebates of up to $3 per installed watt
Federal tax credit of up to $2000
Arizona state tax credit of up to $1000
System cost is state sales tax exempt

APS – Arizona Public Service Incentives
Residential customers who install a photovoltaic solar grid tied system can apply for a one-time rebate of $3 per installed DC watt.
Commercial customers have the option to receive an incentive based on system output rather than a rebate based on DC watt capacity.
Selling Excess Electricity - Customers have the option of selling excess electricity generated by their system back to APS. Customers electing to sell back excess power can do so under theEPR4 rate if the system is 10kW or less or under the EPR2 rate if the system is
between 10 kW and 100 kW

APS EPS Program
P.O. Box 53999
Main Station 9909
Phoenix,AZ 85072-3999

Phone: 602-250-2826
Fax: 602-250-2754

SRP-Salt River Project – Solar Incentive Program
Residential and Commercial customers of the Salt River Project Grid-tie systems only – All systems You can read about SRP EarthWise Solar Energy for residential customers by using the following link:

SRP's headquarters is located at:
1521 N. Project Drive
Tempe, AZ 85281-1298

TEP – Tucson Electric Power
Information about TEP incentives options visit the following web page:
USES – UniSource Energy Services
SunShare Program UniSource Energy Services customers can visit the following web page.
The Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Clearinghouse (LIHEAP) expands and enhances information exchange on low-income energy issues through the national low-income energy network. LIHEAP

The LIHEAP Clearinghouse serves as a web-based information service for state, tribal and local LIHEAP providers, as well as others interested in low-income energy issues. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services funds LIHEAP Clearinghouse.

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